/ An industrial scale, pharmaceutical grade, vertically integrated cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and distribution operation targeting the European continent /


Evexo Pharmaceuticals was founded with the purpose of providing patients with clean, safe, effective and consistent pharmaceutical grade cannabis medication. Based and operating out of the Republic of Cyprus, Evexo benefits from full vertical integration, ensuring the utmost quality across its complete value chain, and increasing operational and financial efficiencies. Additional advantages to operating in Cyprus include its supportive climate, which allows for lower productions costs, and the country’s highly skilled labor force.

Evexo’s initial strategy entails focusing on Hemp cultivation and CBD production, with hemp derived full-spectrum oil being its first product roll out. The company is evaluating additional licensing opportunities across the European Union and plans to engage in full Medical Cannabis production and product manufacturing in the near future.

Supported by robust management and advisory teams, both in Cyprus and abroad, the company strives for continuous optimization of both agricultural and manufacturing processes, and enhancing productivity and yields.

Clinical Research activities form the heart of the company's strategy - developing product formulations for specific indications, exploring delivery methods, and evolving the company's product line in order to complement its existing portfolio and attend to patients developing needs.