An industrial scale, pharmaceutical grade, vertically integrated cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and distribution activity targeting the European continent

Cultivation and manufacturing division

Bloomfield is developing its first vertically integrated cultivation and manufacturing division, designed to lead the European cannabis industry with an exemplary performance.

Clean, safe, effective and consistent pharmaceutical grade cannabis products

Through its operating subsidiaries, Bloomfield Grow aims to provide patients with clean, safe, effective and consistent pharmaceutical grade cannabis products – supported by 3rd party certifications and audits.

Manufacture pharmaceutical grade cannabis products, adhering to Good-Agricultural-Practice (GAP) and Good-Manufacturing-Practice (GMP) standards.

Comply with GAP and GMP standard requirements, according to the European Union’s regulation, ensuring Bloomfield’s ability to export its products to European Union countries with a suitable medical cannabis framework.

Supported by an extensive research and development activity and in cooperation with 3rd party research firms and academic institutions, Bloomfield Grow’s constantly evolve, and provide newly created product formulations for specific indications; and develop additional delivery methods to complement the existing portfolio.